Thoren – Gwarth II

THOREN: Instrumental Dissonance-focused Progressive Death Metal Project
(Ft. Imperial Triumphant drummer Kenny Growhoski + ex-Pyrrhon/live Malignancy drummer Alex Cohen) To Release Gwarth II Full-Length on February 7th via Drylands Records.

Fawn Limbs – Harm Remissions


Click here to get the limited edition cassette directly via Sludgelord Records

Vinyl comes early 2020 by Roman Numeral Records (US) and Wolves and Vibrancy Records (Europe).

metal injection writes:

This is an album of destruction. Usually of the neck-snapping type. Listen close and learn to count.

Coma Cluster Void

Thoughts From A Stone


Release Date: 26th August 2016

Digital Preorder:


Klick here to purchase CD and Vinyl directly via Translation Loss Records!

dissonant network writes:

Coma Cluster Void are true pioneers of their genre, at a time where most of us feel like we’ve heard it all.

wonderbox metal writes:

Coma Cluster Void are willing to do whatever it takes to fully explore their creative horizons

agoraphobic news writes:

This breathtaking release is with no doubt, one of the strongest this year.




nocleansinging writes:

A truly solid grasp of Brennenburg doesn’t happen until you’re several listens deep, so give it some time. But with music like this, that’s for the best, as it makes it more rewarding to catch all that it has to offer over multiple spins.

Coma Cluster Void

Mind Cemeteries


Release Date: 26th August 2016

Digital Preorder:

metalinjection writes:

… Coma Cluster Void took the metal world by storm …

metalsucks writes:

Coma Coma Cluster Void summon death metal’s more experimental, visceral side — think Ulcerate, Nero di Marte, Dysrhythmia, or even Portal on one of their more coherent days — for a challenging listen that’s got just the right of songwriting glue holding it all together.

nocleansinging writes:

… an unorthodox form of death metal the likes of which I can’t say I’ve ever heard anything similar to before. It’s equal parts volatile chaos, unnerving “anti-grooves”, as the band puts it, and numerous unpredictable tempo shifts, all coalescing around a black hole of unearthly dissonance and raw pissed-off vocals.





Insin writes:

Michigan band Thoren’s debut EP captures a dark, ominous atmosphere. It conjures up dozens of images in my mind, all of some blackened and shadowy place where death and fear run rampant. I’ve never heard something sound this foreboding.

JGBarnes writes:

Thoren goes on to pummel you with a heavy, rumbling riffs and spectacular horror-movie-like guitar solos that are introduced in a big, atmospheric way that can evolve into something a little more hopeful. The musical story finishes with slamming, crunchy dissonance and screechy riffs spiking out out of it like a swinging mace.